Take the stress out of locating the right swimming center in Singapore

Learning swimming can be fun but finding the correct trainer can be a hectic thing.At waterfun Aquatic Centre, we remove the worry from finding the correct teacher for you or your youngster.It grants valuable and practical skills to safeguard yourself while swimming. Waterfun Aquatic Center is where all youngsters will love water. Here your youngster will figure out how to swim in a fun, protected and dynamic way, from our versatile, and qualified swimming mentors during our swimming lessons Singapore.

swim lesson Singapore

Why choose us?

We offer proficient swim lessons for International Certification Swim programs for kids in Singapore (5 years and above).

Right off the bat, our accomplished and qualified coaches are certified by International Teaching Certifications (UK). They have been sufficiently prepared to instruct youngsters to swim.

Furthermore, our swim lesson Singapore are well-organized with outstanding results. Our mentors will guarantee everyone gets the consideration and trainingto the fullest.

Moreover,we adopt “Organized Play” and “Learn through’ Games” concepts. Our swimming lessons Singapore are not boring at all and are conducted in small circles so that everyone gets full attention.

Singapore has too many pools for you to dive in. But we comprehend swimminglessons can be overwhelming for youngsters. Pre-Swimming skills also took place here such as breath-control, submersion, floatation and more.

We use appropriate training techniques to enable our students to understand their maximum capacity and we consolidate our comprehension of early youth development into our swimming methodologies and our coaches are well trained directly by the WAC.